Updated: December 18, 2017

Opal Springs, Well # 1, Well # 2, and Well # 3 supply the domestic water for Deschutes Valley Water District (approximately 4100 services). The artesian spring is located 5 miles southwest of Culver at the bottom of the 850 foot deep Crooked River Canyon, less than 150 feet from the river. The artesian wells are located at the east side of the canyon about 300-600 feet south of Opal Springs. Currently, there is no filtration or treatment of Opal Springs or the wells of any kind (nor is any needed).  To learn more about our water quality, click here.

Manager’s Message:

Deschutes Valley Water District members have enjoyed artificially low water rates, no taxation, and fully funded water projects since the 1980’s, when the District’s hydro-electric project started generating power and revenue. Regrettably, the District has recently increased water rates due to projected lower hydro-electric revenue.  When the District’s current power sales agreement expires in 2020, we can no longer expect the same generous rates we are receiving now.

In anticipation, the District has completed large infrastructure improvements such as a 4 million gallon tank near Opal Springs and a 24-inch water main from Opal Springs to the new tank while hydro-electric revenue is still available.  We have also reduced staff through attrition. These measures along with the water rate increase effective April 1, 2017, are part of a long-range financial plan to lessen the chances of dramatic rate increases and taxation in the 2020’s.

Deschutes Valley Water District has redesigned the rates from a tiered rate structure to a flat rate billing structure.  Every 100 cubic feet above 700 cu ft. is now $1.30. The minimum (0-700 cubic feet) is now $20.00 per month. The new rates are much easier to calculate in comparison to the old rates. The rates are still one of the lowest in the area.   -Ed

You can see how the new rates compare to other water utilities in Central Oregon by going to the Water Rate Survey link here.

Edson Pugh

General Manager

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Our District now accepts online credit/debit payments. There is a convenience fee of $2.00 or 3%, whichever is greater.  Click here to pay online.  Otherwise, payments can be made via mail, in person at our office at the counter or our drop box, or via automatic withdrawal.  

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If your water has been shut off for non-payment, please contact the office at (541) 475-3849 if you make an online payment, so we can schedule someone to come out and re-connect service.


When the cold hits, it’s time to put insulation in your water meter box.

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Updated: November 15, 2017