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Deschutes Valley Water District - PWS  ID# 4100501

Our Source

Opal Springs, along with Wells #1, #2 and #3 (combined, referred to as the Opal Springs Aquifer) are the sole source of supply of domestic water for Deschutes Valley Water Districts’ approximately 4200 customers.  They are located 5 miles southwest of Culver at the bottom of the 850 foot deep Crooked River canyon, less than 150 feet from the river.

Opal Springs flows approximately 108,000 gallons per minute at 53.8 degrees Fahrenheit with no seasonal variation.  There has been no detectable change in flow, temperature or pH since the spring was first tested in 1925.   The quality of Opal Springs water is outstanding.  No volatile organic or synthetic compounds (herbicides or pesticides) have been detected by water testing.  Various healthful inorganic compounds are found in the water, but are far below the maximum allowable amount.  The Opal Springs aquifer has yet to show radiation from WWII nuclear testing, placing the age of the water flowing from the spring at least 70 years old.

Analysis shows conclusively that Opal Springs is a ground water source, not in any way influenced by surface water.  Currently, there is no filtration or treatment of Opal Springs water, of any kind.  Periodically, every reservoir receives a measured application of chlorine for safety, which is the only chlorinating being done.  There are several bottling plants in Culver bottling Opal Springs water.  The taste, clarity, and purity of Opal Springs water make it a popular bottled product.

The initial water rights to Opal Springs were 3.0 cubic feet per second (cfs).  The current water rights are not to exceed 27.150 cfs.  If all pumps were activated, 23.500 cfs would be withdrawn from Opal Springs, less than 10% of the total spring flow.

Our District

Our service area is roughly 24 miles long (North to South) and 15 miles wide (West to East).  We currently serve approximately 4200 customers, (including Culver and Metolius) and sell water to the City of Madras which they then deliver to residents of the City that aren’t in the DVWD district boundary.  To see a map of our service area click here.

Our Board

We have five board members who serve four years and are elected by the customers of the district.  To see a little more about them, click here.  Board meetings are on the Second Monday of every month at 7pm, unless there is a conflict.   Please call our office to find out more.

District History

Our Water District has a long and interesting history.  Read more here.

Historical Photo Gallery

Main Office:

881 SW Culver Hwy

Madras, OR  97741

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Contact Us

Office Hours:  Mon - Fri  7:30am - 4:30pm

Phone:  541-475-3849

Fax:  541-475-6013



Updated: October 20, 2017

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