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Customer Service

How to Reach Us After Hours

Our office hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Is it after four thirty and you have a leak?  Monday through Thursday, please call the Sheriff's department at (541) 475-2201.  After hours on the weekends (Friday-Sunday) and on holidays, please call the employee on duty at (541) 480-1217.

For billing questions or for new customer service, please call during our business hours, Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.    Payments may be made by check at any time in our drop box located at the front of our building. Envelopes are not needed, but please put your customer number on your check.

Current Rate

(Effective April 1, 2017)

From 0 to 700 Cubic feet (minimum billing)            $20.00

Each additional 100 cf. above 700                           $1.30

Previous Rate

(Effective January 1, 2015)

From 0 to 700 cubic feet (minimum billing)                $18.00

Next 2500 cubic feet - each additional 100 cf.            $1.15

Next 2500 cubic feet - each additional 100 cf.            $1.25

Next 2500 cubic feet - each additional 100 cf.            $1.35

8300 cubic feet and above - each additional 100 cf.  $1.15




(Effective January 1, 2016)       

Account Set-up Fee  $20.00

Return Check Fee $35.00

Reconnect Fee $25.00 bus hours/$60.00 after hours

Reconnect fee for non-payment $45.00  bus. hours/$60.00 after hours                 

 Late Notice Preparation Fee (to cover cost of sending notice)    $5.00 

Door Hanger Fee (for notice left on the door) $10.00

Disconnect Visit Charge (collection or arrangement at door)  $20.00

Service Calls $25.00 bus. hours/$60.00 after hours

Non-insulated Meter Replacement = service call fee and the cost of the meter

Deposit for rentals (non-transferable)  $100.00 




In person at our office

Drop box in front of office

Direct withdrawal (ACH)

Bill pay service through your financial institution

Our office hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri. We accept cash, checks, and money orders. Credit and Debit transactions are now available on line at  There is a convenience fee of $2.00 or 3% of the bill (whichever is greater).


New Water Meter Connection Charges

Effective March 1, 2001, an average meter installation will cost approximately $1,500.00.  We require $1,225.00 to be paid at the time you apply for service.  The $25.00 is a deposit to be applied to the cost of the installation.  After the installation has been made, the actual costs for parts and labor will be billed (minus the $25.00 deposit).  The $1,200.00 is a connection fee for 5/8" x 3/4" meters.  The connection fee  for larger meters is as follows:

1" meter   = $1,350  
2" meter

= $1,480

4" meter  = $2,100

Connection fees for meter installations larger than 4" will be calculated individually considering the potential demand and actual demand.  The thought being that very large users would have an added impact upon the water system potentially to the source at Opal Springs.

Checking for a Water Leak

If you suspect that you may have a water leak , there is a simple test you can perform. First make sure that no water is being used (for example: toilet is not running, washing machine is off, etc.).  Next, go to your water meter and note the reading on the dial.  Wait an hour and check the reading again.  If the reading has changed you probably have a leak.

If your faucets aren't dripping and you don't see any wet spots out in the yard, the source of your water leak may be your toilet.  Another simple test will verify that suspicion.  Put about 10-12 drops of food coloring in the tank (not the bowl) of the toilet.  If the coloring shows up in your bowl (give it about 15 minutes), you have a leak.  Most hardware and plumbing supply stores will have repair guides and parts so that you can make the necessary repairs and be back in business again.


This Page Last Modified on May 9, 2017